About us

The company was founded in 1990 and functions in the field of structural design of buildings, in Israel and around the globe.
The founder and owner: Mr. Zvi Hemly – senior partner – with 35 years experience.

Our expertize are multi faceted and complexed projects:

  • High rise towers
  • Shopping malls
  • Steel Structures in high rise buildings
  • Industrial and commercial structures, factories and aircraft hangars
  • Residential buildings and neighbourhoods
  • Complexed structures, combining steel structures, concrete, prestressed and post stressed elements
  • High – Tech office buildings
  • Large span structures

The firm established 25 years ago, rapidly developing to become one of the leading companies in the field of structural design, executing dozens of major projects, such as “The House of Parliament” – (“The Knesset”) in Jerusalem, the biggest army camp, “Nachsonim – Base” (by the U.S army), “Platinum Tower”, “Rotchild 1 Tower”, “Hashoftim Tower”, “Seven star shopping mall” …… and many others.